HEART-WORLD making a better world

To make a better world we should think about the future.



1. Nature

Nature is the best idea anybody ever came up with. I simply cannot think of anything better. We draw from the earth, whether it be money or creativity, or imagination! Everything stems from the universe - it truly is the most important concept we have. It is such a great concept that we can simply live. Why would we destroy it? Let's build on it. Look at what we have: the foundation, the beauty. I think we should pleased with that. I hope there is an ideal world, because then we can really start to build. It is a human disgrace to see that we are destroying the world, or to see things being demolished. What about the senseless annual cultural tradition of killing dolphins on the Faroe Islands in Denmark? The only reason these men slaughter the dolphins is to prove their adulthood and masculinity. There are some things in life you just don't do.


We must have responsibility and respect for the earth. If you look up in the entire universe we are up until now the only animals who can live, due to the ultimate atmosphere. How beautiful is that? It is unacceptable that we destroy each other or our wonderful world and it's habits: The circle of life. We are not owning the world, we are the children of the world.


2. Children

Eradicate orphan houses. Give them a loving family. Every child has the right to grow up in a loving family safely and protected. Everyone needs to be loved by someone. Show them respect for nature, respect for other lives and human rights! All topics lot's of descission makers fail at today. Let's build a better life not only for themselves, but also for generations to come. Children are the future! Give them the best support they need now!


3. Education

Famine, natural disaster and war deprive children of their families, who typically offer them the best protection. Education for these children is not obvious. Children who have no parents, go often less or not at all to school or reach a low level of education. They are thereby vulnerable to the worst forms of child labour. Education is very important and the main key to getting opportunities in the future. A good education is important to a private life. In future they make earlier job prospects so that they don't have to sell their own children or leave them behind in the street. They can build an own family where everyone is entitled to. Who can read and write can stand up for their rights and pass on their knowledge for generations to come.


In this modern world of globalization we can make a difference! We can make a better world together! Let's start today!


- Petra Hart

Petra Hart and Soy-Lin Li

Founder Heart-World, Fam.Li & Friend.Li

Since 2001

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Together we can make a difference. Let's make a better world!

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