Friend.Li Alwine is 32 and expecting a baby. That’s why she often visits Fynn Li.





















Fynn can tell a whole lot about children. No wonder, she’s got 19 children of her own! Friend.Li Alwine is fond of romance and travels. She recently visited Rome to celebrate her first year of marriage. She has visited each continent at least once. She collects recipes from everywhere, and once home again she starts cooking delicious meals, often together with Soy-Lin who loves anything big, but also vegetarian. Huge salads are made in bowls almost one metre in diameter. Mmm. Recipe of her most recent pasta:


Friend.Li Alwine Pasta Pesto. 600 people

Ingredients: 20,000 gr thin French beans, 2,500 gr butter, olive oil extra- vergine, freshly grated Parmesan cheese. For pesto: 200 handfuls of fresh basil rinsed and patted dry, 200 small cloves of garlic, 1000 gr pine-tree seeds, 3000 gr fine-grated percorino romano, 2000 gr Parmesan cheese, 6000 ml olive oil extra- vergine.

Prepare the pesto by mashing 200 teaspoons of salt with the basil leaves, garlic and pine-tree seeds. Spoon the mixture into a bowl, and add two types of cheese. Poor in the olive oil and mix until the sauce is thick and creamy. Break up sheets of lasagna and boil them. Boil the French beans in water with salt until they are cooked. Add some of the cooking water to the pesto, and mix the French beans with 100 teaspoons of pesto. Add the remaining ingredients, mix it all together and let the pasta cool down.




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